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Nunney Castle

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Corfe Castle

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Coity Castle

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Harlech Castle Wales

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Raglan Castle Wales

The Stone Circle Myth @ Stanton Drew near Bristol Somerset. Photos of the stone circle at Stanton Drew very near Bristol in north Somerset, you enter the stone circle through an honesty gate where you will be able to take information on Stanton Drew stone circle. Included on this site is an ariel photo of the stone circles by Andy Burnham of megalitic, all the other photos are copyright TheWhatsOnCompany. See photos of Nunney Castle Corfe Castle the moat at Nunney castle beautiful sunrays between the stones at Stanton Drew Bristol plus some unusual photos taken at the 3 circles of stone. There’s links to further information on the site.

Duloe stone circle

The most persistent myth of the Stone Circle at Stanton Drew Bristol Somerset is that the stones represent the members of a wedding party together with their musicians who were lured by the devil to celebrate the Sabbath and promptly became petrified into stone during their partying! See the haunted ghostly photos of Stanton Drew Stone Circle Bristol Somerset the photos of Nunney Castle and Corfe castle and some rare English stone circles Castle Photos from around Somerset, Cornwall, Wiltshire & Dorset Photos of castles around Wiltshire Somerset & Cornwall. Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Corfe Castle Purbeck Dorset, Nunney Castle, Coity Castle & the stone circle @ Duloe Cornwall Stonetown first recorded Duloe in 1329 but the stone circle was not officially discovered until 1801 as it was bisected by a hedge bank and an orchard between two fields. In 1858 the Rev Bewes of Plymouth removed the hedge and the fallen stones of the circle were set upright once again. In this process the largest stone of the circle was broken. Other discoveries on the website enter the stones circle of Duloe Cornwall


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