Looking to stay in a haunted hotel? Ghost hunting hunt these hotel orbs! Taking ghostly photos of orbs hovering around this hotel in Wiltshire plus of course the Ghostly photos of ghostly orbs hovering over the castle! Nunney Castle, Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Coity Castle Wiltshire's rare castles Wiltshire west country! Nunney Castle rare 14th century castle with moat, Coity Castle, Farleigh Hungerford Castle the home of the Hungerford Lords with rare mysterious medieval wallpaintings, 14th century chapel.
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6 pages of photos from this spectacular stone circle at Avebury in Wiltshire! Not so far from Stonehenge you can stay at the B&B in Avebury village and enjoy superb views from the local village pub in the teeny village with souvenir shops
Ghostly Orbs caught on camera in the haunted hotel!
GHOSTLY ORBS @ a local Wiltshire Hotel!
new photos show pictures of ghostly orbs in the hotels restaurant!
for the ghostly castle orbs click here!
and for more ghostly orbs caught in a local haunted pub Wiltshire
some ghostly hotel orbs: this first orb was the brightest orb I caught as I went round this haunted hotel trying to capture them on camera!
two bright orbs coming around the side of the wooden cabinet!
one of the orbs hanging around the drawer handle
these next three photos show orbs captured on camera around an old wooden dresser, they are individual orbs and there were around 7 orbs in total!
I have taken photos around the curtains in the main hotels restaurant, the orbs have never failed to show up whatever the time of the day you can see orbs in this part of the hotel! Here are TWO together!
the hotel has a dome window so I took a photo and captured these two orbs! There is what looks like a 3rd orb shooting across the window, but I must check if its a window smear first!
another bright orb in the hotels dining room!
and an orb hovering over one of the dining tables again in the hotels restaurant!
Hunt the orbs in this haunted hotels ghost hunt!
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